Examples for C_PROST Euro Conversion Functions in MS Excel and MS Access


         DEM_EUR      Conversion of DEM-Amount into EUR-Amount, result as a number

         DEM_EUR_S      Conversion of DEM-Amount into EUR-Amount, result as a string

         EUR_DEM      Conversion of EUR-Amount into DEM-Amount, result as a number

         EUR_DEM_S      Conversion of EUR-Amount into DEM-Amount, result as a string

Comfortable Conversion Support with Control Key Combinations

With a control key combination Ctrl+<letter> the content of a single cell or of each cell in a large marked cell area can be framed with a currency conversion function. This means the existing cell content is used as parameter for the currency conversion function.

Ctrl + e :   =DEM_EUR(<cell content>)

            Ctrl + d :   =EUR_DEM(<cell content>)

Many other control key combinations for further
 currency conversion functions and services are available.


 -117,98                              =DEM_EUR(-117,98)

=SUM(A17:A30)             =DEM_EUR(SUM(A17:A30))

=B9+D7                            =DEM_EUR(B9+D7)


The conversion functions DEM_EUR, EUR_DEM, etc. are examples for simplified conversion functions which call internally the C_PROST standard conversion functions VB_U1 to VB_U4 with setting some of their parameters to fixed values. Each user can easily implement such private conversion functions for the purposes he needs, e.g. NLG_EUR, EUR_GBP, USD_DEM, etc.

The Euro conversion functions are available as Excel and Access function calls. You can execute a currency conversion function by calling the wanted function in an Excel cell or by calling the function in an Excel or Access VBA macro statement.

Example in an Excel cell:

            or         =DEM_EUR(C10)    
C10 = cell reference

Example as VBA function call:

Function RoundDiff(DEM_Amount As Double) As Double


' Calculate the difference with conversions
 DEM --> EUR --> DEM


    Dim EUR_Amount_D As Double

    Dim DEM_Amount_D As Double

    Dim DEM_Amount_S As String

    Dim EUR_Amount_S As String


    DEM_Amount_S = Str(DEM_Amount)

    EUR_Amount_D = DEM_EUR(DEM_Amount_S)

    EUR_Amount_S = Str(EUR_Amount_D)

    DEM_Amount_D = EUR_DEM(EUR_Amount_S)

    RoundDiff = DEM_Amount_D - DEM_Amount


End Function


C_PROST includes for the currency conversion with its rounding a newly developed processor and system independent decimal arithmetic, which guarantees identical currency conversion results on all PC, UNIX and Mainframe systems supported by PROST.

All conversion functions are quality assured with a mark of quality  by Bayerische Landesbank Mnchen. Additionally C_PROST has passed the Reference Test for Euro currency conversions of Deutsche Bundesbank.

For non-EMU currencies (e.g. USD, GBP, CHF) you need the file WAEHKURS.DAT, which is downloadable via Internet with daily updated rates supplied by the Bayerische Landesbank Munich.

The parameters PriceType and PriceDate are only needed with foreign currencies.

         VB_U1      Conversion Currency Base currency or vice-versa without price specification 

         VB_U2      Conversion Currency Base currency or vice-versa with price specification 

         VB_U3      Conversion Currency Currency via Euro without price specification

         VB_U4      Conversion Currency Currency via Euro with price specification

Base currency is EUR from 1.1.1999,
 before 1.1.1999 it has been the national currency