RelMan, the dynamic Release Management

  • with a step-by-step realization and activation of the changes in an extensive complex application pool
  • with an interface management between adapted and not yet adapted program packages
  • with an object and installation control in a big heterogeneous computer net with main frames, UNIX and PCs
  • The program execution is dynamically controlled within a given date and functionality by deadline dependent program object properties
  • Only for the new deadline dependent properties of the program objects a specific program coding is inserted which will only be executed in case of reaching the deadline
  • Allows the separation of data (databases, files) and program (functionality) changes
  • The change of the functional behavior of an application or transaction is only dependent on the reaching of deadlines without any program source and integration activities
  • The deadline dependent properties of the program objects are centrally managed outside of the application programs
  • Allows a test and debugging in advance in quick-motion with adjustable test data resources, that is simulation of the later activations and transitions independent of the system date of the computer
  • At the planned activation deadline of the new software version no actions at all are necessary, everything is prepared
  • Through avoidance of Big Bang adaptations at a fixed date the project risk is reduced strongly (no more with risk "Everything or nothing")


RelMan supports you in every modification, further development and migration of your software, it saves considerably time and money, reduces the project risk and increases the quality. RelMan impressively proved this already at the Euro conversions.

For RelMan we offer you use licenses

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