CWB Conversion Workbench


A product of Conversions Inc. USA with which
a development and marketing cooperation exists

  • The powerful repository with many migration and conversion functions for all your applications and your JCL that can be implemented in different programming languages and on different system platforms
  • Context sensitive analysis with language syntax tables, it is not a scanner
  • nAnalyzes and migrates source code programmed in Cobol, PL/1, Natural, Assembler, C/C++, Visual Basic, SAP-ABAP etc. in combination with different database languages and system platforms
  • nCombined search for field names, data types and formats
  • nTracking of the usage of every field or literal in the entire application over module boundaries via direct and hidden relations (for example redefinitions, move by name/structure/corresponding)
  • nExtensive analysis reports usable as a work plan for the application developer
  • nAllows rapid and precise ad-hoc analyses
    (needs only 2 mouse clicks)
  • nAutomated code adaptation with conversion and migration rules in macros
  • nReduces the analysis cost up to 70 %,
    thus saves
    considerably time and money,
    total cost saving up to 40 % for analysis, adaptation and test 


For example CWB can be used for following tasks:

o Source code analysis for further development of existing solutions

o Redesign and Renovation of existing applications
- Extensive Cross Reference Lists for many program objects
- Presentation of module call invocation hierarchy
- Discover of same or similar hard coded data structures
- Surveys over database, file, and mask calls

o Support for error diagnosis
with tracking of the usage of every field or structure via mouse click

o Compiler Migrations, e. g. for IBM Enterprise Cobol and PL/I

o and still a lot of things more

CWB does not let unanswered any question and any analysis and conversion wish of a developer, it finds and tracks also hidden field relations and it offers an up to now not achieved analysis and repository quality.

CWB supports you in every modification, further development and migration of your software, it saves considerably time and money, reduces the project risk and increases the quality. CWB impressively proved this already at the Year 2000 and Euro conversions.

For CWB we offer to you use licenses and also complete source code analyses as professional service. You say us, which changes and extensions you plan and we tell you the expenditure and the program objects with the affected statements which you must check and possibly change.

We also can perform for you complete LE/390, programming language, database and system platform migrations with project management.

We hope, to have gained your interest and would be pleased with being allowed to demonstrate you this tool. You can request further detailed information and examples from us by Follow the Link.... eMail . For questions we are available with pleasure.