Software AG EURO-Kit Toolset

Software AG and SIBRA GmbH
sign worldwide agreement to distribute SIBRA's EURO-PROST Currency Converter Toolset to Software AG's Natural/Adabas customers.

To expand its Euro conversion services, Software AG has signed a cooperation agreement with Sibra GmbH, Gröbenzell, one of Germany's leading Euro specialists. The objective of this cooperation is to enhance the tool environment, "Euro Kit," for application systems, which are developed with programming languages such as Cobol and PL/1. This equips Software AG for the expected increase in Euro conversion projects in organizations with heterogeneous system environments after the millennium changeover.

Software AG's German subsidiary, SAG Systemhaus GmbH in Darmstadt, has developed a special service concept for assisting companies with Euro conversion projects. Experience gained from many successful Year 2000 compliance projects has gone into designing the concept, which includes a new tool environment called the "Euro Kit."

As most of Software AG's customers operate multi-platform IT environments, the Euro concept also covers applications that are not based exclusively on Software AG's products such as the Natural development environment, or Adabas databases. A cooperation agreement has been concluded with Euro specialists Sibra GmbH in Gröbenzell, Germany, to handle programming languages such as Cobol, PL/1 and assembler.

Software AG's strategic partnerships with Sibra and with Danford Solutions GmbH (with whom it has been collaborating since last year) have led to the integration of various analysis tools within the new "Euro Kit" environment. The tools involved are Software AG's Geneuro, CWB2000 from Danford, and Sibra's Euro-Prost, a Euro converter. As a result, Software AG is now able to provide outstanding support, particularly for the difficult dual-currency phase prior to switching to the Euro outright, and for the handling of historical data.

Sibra's Euro-Prost includes a dynamic, centralized program controller. This provides applications with Euro-specific program control data such as the phases in the introduction of the Euro, the base currency, the currencies of EMU member countries, and conversion rates. Data can be provided either on a daily basis or for a particular date.

"The service offering of Software AG and its partners, comprising both tailored services and productivity tools, helps customers to convert their software systems efficiently and ensures that the Euro currency is handled correctly," explains Peter Gerte, Head of Professional Services for Euro Conversion and of the Euro Competence Center at SAG Systemhaus GmbH in Darmstadt. "This enables us to offer professional support for enterprise-wide Euro migration projects - from the initial analysis to the conversion of entire systems."

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