SIBRA EURO-Converter Toolset

releases market-proven EURO-Converter Toolset to global market place

SIBRA GmbH of Gröbenzell, Germany,
a recognized supplier of IT consultancy, project management, implementation services, and focused product offerings to the german and international Information Technology market since 1982, is launching its successfull EURO-PROST Currency Converter and Toolset to the international market place.

The EURO-PROST Currency Converter and Toolset provides a viable concept, a market-proven set of solution components, and a full range of EURO currency conversion routines to allow for a timely, controlled, and step-wise adaptation of existing and/or new software application environments to EURO conversion functionality, needs, and requirements.

is available as a DLL-Library for the Microsoft OS Plattforms Windows 2000 (NT), Windows 98/95, Windows 3.11, IBM OS/2, various UNIX flavors - as well as for prevailing legacy Mainframe plattforms (IBM/MVS, AS/400, DPPX, Siemens/BS2000) supporting application and programming environments such as CICS, TSO, IMS, Natural, Cobol, PL/1, C, Assembler. EURO-PROST supports networked environments, connecting PC, UNIX, and Mainframe systems.

the EURO currency requirement criteria of EC document No. 1103/97 and has successfully passed Deutsche Bundesbank's full suite of regression and acceptance tests for EURO currency conversions.

EURO-PROST has been deployed
at leading multi-national customer sites, including banking institutions, insurance companies, automobile & transportation corporations, telecommunication & retail organizations.

SIBRA supplements
its EURO-PROST product offerings with extensive consultancy, project management & implementation services.

For further information
contact SIBRA at +49-8142-57264 or on the Web at

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